1. Backstreets

from When the Sun Goes Down EP.

Released 2016.


Iʼll come around when the sun goes down, if you let me,
Iʼll be as quick as I can be,
Iʼll come through with the green and the blues,
if you get me,
Iʼll be running on empty,
bottles in the backseat,
boppinʼ to the back beat,
flippinʼ middle fingers at the pigs rolling past me,
living too fast, so youʼre never gonna catch me, rolling too slow,
but you know I take back streets

and Iʼll be boppinʼ to the back beat,
when I call you up on the phone and I say

Iʼm coming over, wonʼt be sober, wonʼt you join me for a ride,
itʼs one in the morning, and Iʼm so high,
if youʼre having a good time, and you would like,
then Iʼll stay up all night, cusʼ when Iʼm with you I feel fine

Iʼll come by in the middle of the night,
when you canʼt sleep,
show you a night that you canʼt beat,
Iʼll come inside but Iʼll do it real quiet,
donʼt expect me,
to let your daddy come catch me,
sneaking in the side door, silent like before,
slippinʼ through the kitchen,
Iʼll be skippinʼ all the weak boards,
slidinʼ in your room,
Iʼll see you hiding in your bed sheets,
smilinʼ as I climb in Iʼll be glad I took backstreets