1. Hello, Angel

from When the Sun Goes Down EP.

Released 2016.


Hey girl, whatʼs your name?
I really, I really wanna know,
hey girl, whatʼs your game?
take me to, take me to see the show,

Iʼm gonna figure you out,
discover what youʼre about,
Iʼll get inside your head,
Iʼm gonna rip out the pages,
so you donʼt feel so dangerous,
then Iʼll start to know who you are

I said, “Hello, Angel, whatʼs your story
where you been? where are you going?
tell me, have you had your fun?
oh, my Angel, what have you done?”

Say girl, do you want me to save,
want me to save your soul?
Say girl, do you want me to help,
help you lose control?