from When the Sun Goes Down EP.

Released 2016.


She said, "show me some big ass neighborhoods,
where the livingʼs large and the gettingʼs good,
because I wanna see how the other side lives,
I wanna know how good 'as good as it gets' is"

She's sick of living in the real world,
she wants a life that I could never buy her,
she always wanted to be a rich girl,
she's after the reality the world denied her,

and I know, I know it's time to go,
the money's running low,
she's got me saying show me some more

She's always thinking about tomorrow,
looking for ways that we can get there faster,
she says we can do it all on our own,
Iʼve got my doubts but I don't run them past her

I wanna little bit, she wanna little bit more,
she wanna little bit of everything the world can give her
and I said I'd go along with her