1. On + On + On

from When the Sun Goes Down EP.

Released 2016.


Letʼs go, letʼs get away for a while,
because I know, youʼre way too young and too wild,
to live slow, so wonʼt you give me a smile?
come help me put on the miles,
yeah weʼll be cruising in style

So letʼs roll, jump in the passenger seat,
weʼll get stoned, spend every day of the week,
on this road, and every night in the streets,
they go on and on and on

The nights they go, on and on and on, the nights they go on

Letʼs show, these people we wonʼt be tamed,
weʼll make sure, they all remember our names,
because thereʼs no, no way weʼre winning the game,
but itʼs so easy to play, so throw your money away,

Weʼll make more, stake out and stick up convenience stores,
one on the trigger, and one on the door,
cʼmon and count up the dough,
it goes on and on and on